Corn Plant Flowers Pictures

Common name: Corn Plant
Scientific name: Dracaena fragrans Family: Agavaceae (Agave)
Synonyms: fragrans Aletris
corn plant is a garden plant, which resembles a stalk of corn in the habit. It is native to West Africa, Tanzania and Zambia. corn plant has bright green rosettes, broadly striped and surrounded by green and yellow in the center. Bush is a slow growth pole and leaves can reach up to 3 meters long by 4 inches wide. When plants are grown in soil, can reach 20 meters high, but its growth is limited when they are in pots. corn plant has very fragrant white flowers, hence the species name fragrans. Outbreaks can sometimes be pink. It is a popular houseplant with several cultivars available with variegated leaves with white or yellow stripes.

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