Dragon’s Breath Flowers Pictures

Common name: Dragon’s Breath, narrow leaves Hemigraphis, Waffle Plant, Dragon’s tongue
Scientific name: Hemigraphis repanda Family: Acanthaceae (Ruellia family)
Synonyms: Ruellia repanda
Dragon’s Breath is a small plant, never rising more than 6 inches tall. What makes plants attractive leaf colors are purple and white with beautiful pink flowers. The leaves are thin and elongated, with a crinkled texture and toothed margins. They are deep burgundy, almost black, brown and olive green. Since late spring is covered almost every day to breathe the baby small white flowers that contrast nicely with the dark foliage. The stems are thin growth habit is dense and delicate and tight, making it an excellent choice for ground cover, borders, hanging baskets, planters and container gardens special mixed color. Dragon’s Breath is native to Malaysia, but is cultivated as an ornamental in parts of India.

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