Kris Plant Flowers Pics


Common name: Kris Plant
Scientific name: Alocasia sanderiana Family: Araceae (Arum family)
Kris is a tropical perennial plant with leaves and bright vertical V-shaped and deeply lobed. It is native to the Philippines and is grown as an ornamental plant in tropical countries. The plant can be up to 6 feet high and large in its native tropical habitat, but is much lower in the culture. The leaves are evergreen, cast, V-shaped, deeply lobed dark green with large silvery white veins. It is about 30-40 cm long and 15-20 cm wide, lower surface reddish-green. The stem of the leaf is about 2 meters long. This plant has creamy white inflorescences that are about 6 inches (15 cm) long and are made of a green and white spathe that covers the tiny flowers. The female flowers are clustered at the bottom of the inflorescence, while male flowers are at the top.

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