Ti Plant Flowers Picture

Common Name: Hawaiian Ti Plant, Good Luck Plant, Ti Plant
Scientific name: Cordyline fruticosa Family: Agavaceae (Agave)
Synonyms: Cordyline terminalis
Hawaiian Ti plant (pronounced as in the area no tie) is an evergreen shrub with a strong trunk palmlike usually unbranched can reach 10 meters high. However, most of us know him as a foliage plant smaller house, before much of a trunk has been developed. The leaves are 12-30 cm long, 4.6 cm wide and can be bright green, purple, or marked with various combinations of purple, red, yellow or white. The leaves originate in tufts on top of woody stems in mature plants, and more or less along the stems of young plants inside. Mature plants produce flowers, yellow or red are sweetly scented, less than half an inch wide, visible and grouped in 12 “panicles. The fruits are red berries. Sometimes it grows in clusters of outbreaks extensive rhizomes and tubers. A red variety you plant. Many cultivars have been selected for their beautiful foliage.

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